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How you may feel after reading this post!

Well, without further ado, here they are – all the reasons why I am so darn weird it is scary. I may even tick you off I am such a freak. Definitely run and don’t look  back!

1) I believe in God – yes, I believe in God. You know, the BIG GUY. The BOSS. I actually believe in Him, and I am not afraid to admit it either!

2) I blog about God – yes, not only do I believe in God, but I have the absolute audacity to risk offending someone by actually blogging about him. As if that did not make me weird enough, I belive in God from a Christian viewpoint. You know, JESUS. Getting even weirder, I am – gasp – Catholic! Total freak.

3) I like the Pope – you know, that old guy in Rome who keeps telling everyone to get their acts together and be better human beings. I actually like this guy. Not only do I like him but I totally support him. I think he is brilliant and yeah, I actually have the nerve to think he is the successor of Peter. Now I am not only weird and freakish, but I am scary too huh?

4) I am traditional and old-fashioned – I like tradition. I like the old-fashioned heritage of the Catholic faith. I miss when women could wear dresses all the time. I am nostalgic for the past. I freak out modern feminists. The liberals in the church that are dying off would like me to go away. On that note…

5) I am a feminists worst nightmare – where did they get the word “feminist” anyway? It sounds like they all want to be feminine. Well anyways, regardless, I want to be feminine. I do not want to be like a man. I am a woman and as such I am one of God’s most beautiful creations because I reflect the feminine aspects of God into this world. Even if I have a bad hair day, gain weight, or my face breaks out. And there is no way I am going to let anyone take that away from me.

6) I wear a veil – yep, when I go to Mass I wear a veil. A mantilla. One of those old lacy things that your grandma wore. Maybe its the same one? I did get it in an antique store…anyways, I like veils. I feel reminded of my sacred nature as a woman when I wear veils. I might even start wearing one in my daily life as well. You will stare at me and think I am a freak when you see me in the grocery store, but I do not care. (Well, I do a little, but man I am stubborn!)

7) I expect men to be men – that is right, I have high standards. If a man is rude to a woman, any woman, I am offended by him not only as a person but as a man. If a man acts macho and brags about his manliness, I am offended by his mis-guided pride in his strength which is meant to be the foundation upon which the woman can flourish. When is the last time you saw a foundation bragging? I love when men work hard, take care of their families, treasure their wives as sacred and holy, and encourage others to do the same. And I love having doors opened for me!

8) I think women have messed things up for themselves and are making it worse with their lack of modesty – yep, I blame a lot of this mess on women. Women parading around in skin-tight jeans shaking their booty like they are on a Beyoncé video, prancing about on TV in bikinis, showing up for gigs as strippers…you  get the point. No one is going to respect you or womankind as long as they can find women willing to debase themselves. So cut it out, figure out your own worth, and be modest!

9) I have no hang ups about sex or the human body, yet I try to live chaste and modesty – yep, that’s right. I have none of the issues that your modern bikini-toting, pole-dancing, jump-into-the-sack-before-the-third-date woman has. She bares it all and hates it all! I am modest yet love it! I am not a skinny model, you will never find me on the cover of a magazine, but I like my body. All of it! It is sacred, flaws and all. Sex is beautiful and sacred. That does not mean I have to give it away to prove I have no hang ups or issues about it.

10) I will not read anything you can buy while standing in line at a grocery store – oh my gosh, those magazines are embarrassing to be caught looking at! I would run and hide in shame! Not only are they trashy, but they have nothing deeply meaningful to contribute to life. I stopped reading them when I was about 18 or so and ever since then, I have felt better about myself, my life, my looks, my body, everything! Whew! Thank heavens I do not fall for that trap.

11) I cannot stand celebrity culture – these people are famous for…being famous. They live in an insular bubble. They dish out advice that is no more fallible than yours, but everyone listens as if they are gods and goddesses sharing the secrets of the universe. I think celebrity culture is tacky and yeah I would turn red and run away in shame if someone thought I was into celebrities.

12) I do not watch TV – oh my, TV drives me mad! It is like an endless drone of chaotic babble. I keep it off as much as I can. Yes, there are some shows that are ok to watch, and there is good that can come from TV, but as a rule I try to leave the “noise box” as my grandma used to call it, off.

13) I am – gasp – against homosexuality and – gasp – I am not afraid to say it – AND – GASP! I LIKE HOMOSEXUALS!!! – yeah, that’s right. I am one of those people who is so dangerous to the world because I am willing to voice my support of traditional sexual mores. And I will not shut up about it! To make things worse, I really LIKE homosexuals. I think that there are so many amazing ones out there. I am not afraid of them. They are just like me – they have their temptations and faults to fight against. Homosexuality is just one of their particular ones. So don’t accuse me of being a homo-basher because that would just be silly.

14) I support traditional marriage – and I even have the nerve to think society would fall apart if traditional marriage came to an end. (Hey, we are hanging on by our bare teeth here, do we really need to plunge off the cliff?)

15) I am pro-life – yikes! Now I will probably get cursed at and attacked while I peacefully state my point. Terrible, scandalous person that I am for believing in life. How dare I act so repressive by asking women to not destroy the life inside of them! People like me…

16) I expect liberals to be, you know, liberal – I want liberals to live their creed and start behaving maturely. Stop yelling at anti-abortionists because they are anti-your-beliefs. Stop attacking people who think different and promote different causes. Yep, I actually expect them to be liberal and say “hey, live and let live!” In fact, they should really just kick back, relax, get out of politics, go chill out on an island somewhere, and liberally let the conservatives get the job done.

17) In the end, I am me and just me. I have a voice and I will use it. I am a little nuts, but the liberals will deal with it if they are really liberal and the conservatives will just have to come to terms with the fact that I am on their team  🙂

  • I talk to birds and other critters.
  • Sometimes they talk back! (Just joking – but I am imaginative enough to make it so!).
  • Statues have given me good advice before (yep, imagination rules!).
  • I know people who have seen and talked with angels (no imagination necessary).
  • I talk to my angel (never heard back, but I know he/she is there).
  • Sometimes, if no one is looking, I dance in public.
  • If I am standing near to you, I may imagine that I have a tiny friend who is dancing on your shoulder just for the sake of making me laugh. I may laugh. Not at you – but you may think I am a little cracked.
  • I talk to myself sometimes. Myself gives really good advice when I do.

I could go on, but I think you get the picture. I am weird, offensive, a threat to modern civilization, feminists, and society as a whole. I am just me being me and using my big mouth expressing it.

So now it is up to you if you want to risk ever reading this blog again 😉


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A lot has changed in the years since I first created this blog, and I have to admit that my poor blog has suffered greatly. (“Terribly sorry love – spot of tea?”)

I began the blog in the summer of 2007, before I moved to London, England to work on my second advanced degree at the University of London. At the time I thought that my blog’s focus would be on the inherent dignity of women, a subject which is very important to me and which I am sure will come up throughout this blog.

However, life got busy – and after graduation I worked at a museum for awhile before moving to New York City. I then thought that now I would have time to write – after all, I was in New York! The city that never sleeps! And certainly, after a long day, I would have the time to sit down and blog! After all, I did not need sleep! Who did? (Muffles long yawn.) This was Ne…w….Y…o…..r……k…….. (I am going to wake up with keyboard impressions on my face, aren’t I?)

Ok, so granted that did not exactly work out…

After living and working in Manhattan for a time, I decided to move back to the beach and just relax on the seashore for awhile – which I did. And as wonderful as it was to wake up every morning to ocean views and stunning sunrises, there just really is not that much to say about sitting on the ocean day after day.

“Day 275 – still on ocean – still beautiful. There goes a crab! Haven’t seen one of those in a while! Maybe I will go for a walk – if I ever get up off this lounge chair. Really should get something to eat….” Not exactly the essence of a great blog!

That was when Italy fever began to kick back in.

In the fall I came to Rome to “test drive” a flat that I had found online over the summer. And it worked great! It is a rather small flat in a 500 year old building, down a quiet medieval street (queit and medieval in noisy, Baroque Rome – thank you, thank you, thank you!) on the very top floor, with a huge terrace right outside my door. (And the tiniest washing machine I have ever seen! I mean tiny – remember Sylvanian Families? I think they donated this…)

The landlord was fabulous – a retired school teacher who lives on the other side of the top floor (7th floor – no elevatar – all winding marble steps with romantic candle-imitation lights on each floor). Her son lives in the unit above me (ok, so there is one more floor – but not really. His is a “fire escape” attic flat – out to the porch, then up some rickety iron stairs.)

Through my windows, I could look out over the rooftops (and church tops) and when the wind blew, try to pretend that the clanking shutters in a unit that forgot to secure their windows is really a romantic and authentic sound of the real Italia (a little delusion never hurts!).

Back home on the ocean, I was grateful to have all of my American ammenities back, but by the New Year I was restless as always. After being proposed to, and then entering into a long debate on the possible joys of marriage, I shook the rocks in my head out, went to see the movie “The Tourist” twice, became obsessed, and e-mailed the real estate agent in Rome who had helped me first find the flat back in the summer. “I am ready!” was my battle cry on the pleasantly stagnant seashore of my life. (I think I scared a crab.)

What is it that always calls me back? Despite all the great ammenities that I loose, the thrill of adventure and living in new places always pulls me on. But not any adventure – the story book kind. The kind with great challenges and trials, and thrilling rewards. The kind with windows into other places, times, and most of all, ways of viewing life.

These journeys are what I wanted to find. I have found them before, here and there, but now I want to set out to find them full force. This is what I was born to do.

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